7 Tips to Make Your Car Shine

We all know that the best way to have your car sparkle is to buy brand new OEM parts. The single best way of this is to buy a brand new car entirely. Many of us may wish, but few of us can afford to continually buy brand new cars. Here are some tips to blind passersby with how shiny your ride is:

1.) Don't forget the tires!

This has to be tip #1 because so many people take their cars through the car wash; which rarely has good tire polish. Buying a good tire polish is extremely simply to do and apply to your car. Many tire polish bottles don't even require you to rinse afterwards.

2.) Water spots are the enemy

You might be able to get away with letting a dish in the sink air dry. (Depending on if your spouse lets you get away with that kind of insanity). However, when it comes to your car, make sure to dry it when you are done. Nothing makes your car's fresh wash look dingy quickly like water spots.

3.) Compressed air for the nooks and crannies

Getting a can of compressed air to help clean out the tiny little spaces in the central controls is a must. Dirt and junk can hide underneath the buttons, which causes your passenger to get the impression that you sport a dirty ride. Show a touch of attention to detail where it may matter the most.

4.) Clean the inside of the windows

This is a spot that can easily be overlooked when the entire outside of the car is getting scrubbed with suds. However, the inside of the car windows may have just as much grease and dirt as the outside of the windows. If kids or puppies are involved, perhaps the car will need more cleaning.

5.) Don't use dishwashing soap

A material made to remove grease is also going to work towards removing the wax coating on your car. Make sure you use a product specifically made for the right kinds of suds. 60% of the hand washing public chooses dishwashing soap—try not to be one.

6.) Wax every season or two

Your car came with a protective coat when it left the show room. After time, the rain and wind have torn down this protective barrier. To help keep your car looking fresh, replace this coating every few seasons. There are a variety of easy-to-apply options from pastes to liquids.

7.) Rain-X or anti-rain solutions

Adding a coat of clear wax to your windshield may not only greatly improve visibility but could help prevent other gunk from forming on the windshield. Just be careful if you have a chip or a crack. Using a wax can prevent future fixes since those future fixes will no longer be able to get a good strong bond. If you see a chip or crack, don't use this product, but instead see a professional to get your windshield fixed up.