Car Accessories: What You Need to Know

Many of us dream of renovating our cars and adding a few special features that kick the whole thing up a notch. Faster, louder, more stream-lined...these are the three major aspects of a seriously amazing car. Of course, it is worth reading up on car accessories and modifications before taking a trip to any auto supply stores. There is no doubt that any vehicle is a fairly expensive possession, so one can hardly afford to mess with it.

Insurance Coverage -- Remember to Tweak it

Insurance policies can be messy if any car modifications are made before clearing them with the appropriate agent. You could find yourself in the financial soup if you have an accident and the vehicle you are driving does not quite match what is specified in your insurance documentation. It really is not too difficult to have your papers updated; a quick phone call or email is usually all it takes.

Performance Mufflers -- Pump up the Volume

There is definitely something to be said for the deep, heady roar of an engine. Not all of us are satisfied with the quiet puttering of an average car. Some of us want something worth noticing. A performance muffler certainly helps to kick the volume up by a considerable amount. It is, of course, important to consider the neighborhood you live in before making such a commitment.

Sassy Spoilers -- More Speed, Less Gas

Many people labor under the misapprehension that spoilers are intended to be an esthetic add-on. The truth is that spoilers actually make cars more aerodynamic. This boosts their potential speed and lowers drag, which can assist in lessening the monthly gas bill.

Dropped Suspension -- Easier Handling, Higher Sensitivity

Dropping your suspension almost certainly will improve your ability to handle your car. There is, of course, the possibility that uneven roads and speed bumps will be a little harsher on the vehicle. If you intend to drive the vehicle in an area that has flat, well-conditioned roads you probably will not encounter any problems. If you travel on roads that are rocky, covered in speed-bumps or uneven you will probably realize that a lowered suspension can cause significant damage.

Finding Your Way -- No Distractions

A GPS (Global Positioning System) is probably the most useful car accessory any person can buy. In the high speed, rushed lifestyles we all lead, there really is no time to flip through map books when you are running late on a jam-packed road. Any GPS will provide you with accurate, spoken directions that assist in making your travels much less stressful.