Features of the Toyota Entune App Suite

If you wish to listen to internet radio in your car, or book a restaurant table for dinner, now you can. Toyota's new Entune app suite makes these activities (and many others) possible. It is similar to having your own PA (personal assistant) right beside you. Better still, the controls are mounted on the steering wheel, so you can keep hold of the wheel and keep watching the road. Undoubtedly, this app suite is one of the best Toyota OEM parts online.

Entune incorporates your vehicle's entire audio display stack. This includes voice recognition, Bluetooth, aux port, USB, your display screen and navigation. Here's a closer look at what this impressive piece of kit can do:

The App Suite in Focus

The Entune app suite combines several of the most popular mobile apps, like iHeartRadio, Pandora, Bing, OpenTable and MovieTickets.com. Also, it offers "data services" including stocks, fuel prices, sport, weather and traffic. The Entune apps enable you to listen to countless radio stations, locate local companies, book a restaurant table, purchase cinema tickets, and find out about traffic, weather, sports scores, fuel prices, stock price movements and more.

Uplinks for the Entune app Suite

With compatible smartphones, the Entune app suite can communicate with remote servers, which will access the details you are searching for. Then, these details are relayed to your car's navigation screen. Once they are there, you can choose and control them.

Daily use of the Toyota Entune

It is not difficult to use the Entune suite of apps. Just visit an apps store on your compatible smartphone, and download the application from there. You will need to set up an Entune account and create/transfer several different app accounts. Next, just configure your phone to the Entune suite with a USB cable, or wireless Bluetooth connection. After you are set up, you just need to run the Entune mobile application on your synchronized smartphone and you are connected. By doing this, you can stay focused on the road ahead and remain in complete control of your car.

The Entune suite of apps from Toyota provides information, music and more. It is your personal assistant on the move, and it is constantly accessible. You will require a monthly data agreement and Carrier fees might apply. Of course, it goes without saying that you should always adhere to the relevant traffic laws for your country, and drive responsibly.