How To Get Better Gas Mileage And Fuel Economy

How To Get Better Gas Mileage And Fuel Economy
You may not realize how your driving and car care habits can affect your gas mileage and fuel economy.  Even if your car has the best Toyota dealer parts, a few changes can make a difference.  You can get better mileage from your car, and save money on fuel.

Keep your tires at the pressure recommended by the manufacturer.  When your tires are under-inflated, you are wasting a considerable amount of fuel.  When tires do not contain enough air, they also wear out faster than tires that are properly inflated.  Resolving this problem can be a do-it-yourself project.  A digital pressure gauge is an inexpensive investment.  You do not need a mechanic to check and fill your tires.

Pay special attention to your spark plugs.  Do not wait until they have reached their mileage limit.  When you change your spark plugs regularly, you will save money on fuel.

Dirty air filters waste fuel.  Depending on the environment where you drive, air filters should be replaced at least once per year.  If the environment is especially dusty, replace your air filter more frequently.


If your tires are not properly aligned, it will waste fuel and wear out the tires.  There is an easy method to check the tread depth.  A tread depth gauge costs a couple of dollars, so you can measure it yourself.  If the tires are not worn evenly, the car must be aligned.

There are other parts that need to be replaced frequently.  They are the air dam and the oxygen sensor.  If the car you own originally had an air dam, do not drive without one.  Do not wait for your sensor light to go on before replacing it.  

Your driving habits.  Even if you love driving, your habits may be causing your car to waste fuel.  One habit that is harmful is hard acceleration.  This habit can cause you to lose twenty percent of your gas mileage.  Regardless of the traffic conditions you drive in, try to eliminate this habit. Speeding is another habit that wastes gas.  Where ever you are driving, drive at a reasonable rate of speed.  Whenever possible, make use of your cruise control.  Both of these habits can make a considerable difference in how much money you spend on fuel.

Whenever a car part needs to be replaced, you can find what you need at Boch Toyota South Parts.  It is never a good idea to try to save money by leaving old, worn parts in your car.  In fact, it can be one of the main reasons you are paying so much for fuel. Driving can be enjoyable, and not nearly as expensive as it is today.  Even if fuel prices increase, making these few simple changes can result in saving money.  Whether you drive for business, pleasure, or both, it does not have to take a significant toll on your budget.  Fuel economy and better gas mileage can be yours when you start with these tips.