8 Ways To Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

When you own a car, you want it to run smoothly for as long as possible.  Whether you have purchased Toyota OEM parts, or whether your car has never needed repair, some tips can help keep your car in excellent condition.

1.  Check and change your oil regularly.  Your car's engine depends on clean oil to run properly. 

2.  Your tires need to be checked regularly.  If tires have become worn, they should be replaced.   

3.  Examine your driving habits.  Not only is sensible driving safer for you, it is better for your car.  When you eliminate habits such as speeding and slamming on your brakes, your car will stay in better condition for a longer period of time.

4.  Take your car for a checkup on a regular basis.  There are numerous issues that can only be handled by a qualified mechanic.  Your mechanic can detect problems with your car before you notice problems yourself. The sooner your mechanic detects a problem, the sooner it can be corrected.  This can prolong the lifespan of your car, and prevent problems from worsening.  Routine maintenance can prevent breakdowns and other serious issues.

5.  Never ignore warning signs.  When your car is in trouble, there are often warning signs.  As an example, you may hear unusual noises coming from underneath the hood of your car when you drive.  If your car makes noises, does not start properly, or shows any other signs of trouble, have it checked by a mechanic.  

6.  Prepare your car for seasonal changes.  Weather conditions and temperatures changes can be harmful to your car.  You should take this into consideration, and make sure your car is prepared before new seasons start.  This can include having your car treated to avoid rust, replacing your regular tires with snow tires, and other approaches that are appropriate for the season.  

7.  Do not carry extra keys on your key ring.  If you have the habit of carrying every key you own on your keyring, now is the time to make a change.  The excess weight from heavy keys can damage your car's ignition.  If the weight is extreme, it can result in engine trouble and a car that will not start.  The only key that should be on your key ring is the ignition key.

8.  Your car should be cleaned frequently.  While litter does not add to the appeal of a car, there are other issues to consider.  There is more to cleaning a car than disposing of litter and vacuuming.  You need to clean the outside of the car, too.  Check the vents and other small spaces.  You may find leaves, insects, or other residue that must be removed. 

There are many ways you can prolong the life of your car, maintain its nice appearance, and keep it running smoothly.  These are some of the easiest, most common examples.  All it takes is a little time and effort to make maintaining your car a priority.  You can drive without any unnecessary problems.