How to Repair Your Car’s Exterior

Needing a repair on your Toyota vehicle? If you're mechanically inclined and know something about car repair, why not do it yourself? This is especially appealing if you use wholesale OEM Toyota parts or original equipment manufacturer parts. These parts were made by Toyota's subcontractor for the original vehicles. So replacing the worn out or broken parts with OEM parts just makes good sense.

One of Toyota's subcontractors is a Chinese company called, Tong Yang. They manufacture Toyota's lights, mirrors and radiators. Replacing malfunctioning lights, broken mirrors or radiators are commonly done by do-it-yourself mechanics. Luckily, well-constructed parts to make these repairs are available through stores that sell OEM parts. Buying these parts at wholesale saves a significant sum of money off the retail price. The best way to obtain wholesale OEM parts is by purchasing them online directly from an overseas distributor.

There are many repairs and improvements that non-professional mechanics can safely tackle using OEM parts. OEM replacement parts can be purchased for anything from body hardware: bumpers, car seats, doors, windshields and hoods to cooling, emission, exhaust and fuel system repairs. Engine repairs, steering, suspension, HVAC and electrical also have OEM parts from which to choose for both improvements and repairs.

Body Hardware is readily available in the event of a car accident, car fire or property destroyed by a natural disaster. The most common part replacement should your car be involved in a collision is the bumper. OEM bumpers are actual reproductions of the very same bumper that was destroyed or damaged on your Toyota vehicle. The damage may not call for replacing the bumper. Instead, you may simply need to touch-up the paint or fill-in gouges, dents or scratches. Using a combination of fillers and paint custom mixed to match the paint code of your vehicle, your car can be restored to look like new.

Another common type of damage is a broken headlight or tail light. Lights are generally fairly easy to replace. Basic tools are needed to perform the replacement and the whole process should take no longer than an hour for the moderately competent. The expert will require considerably less time. Toyota, like most manufacturers have made these types of repairs so simple that anyone can do it themselves.

As a car owner, you may have encountered a problem with your insurance carrier in regards to the replacement parts used for an insurance claim. Aftermarket parts are generally used and the use of OEM parts is usually not specified when repairs are made.

Whether you have decided to make the repairs yourself or your insurance company is paying a certified dealership to make the repairs, you have the right to obtain OEM parts. To get the best price, buy them wholesale and save money. Wholesale prices can be obtain when buying a single piece, but more often than not occurs when you buy multiple pieces. Increase your buying power by partnering with a friend or associate. It's worth the effort to keep your vehicle in excellent working order using the finest OEM parts and to save money while doing it.