Items Needed For a Well-equipped Garage

For individuals who enjoy tinkering, their garage can be a number of different things: the lab of an alchemist in which beer transforms ideas into reality, a place to spend quality time with their favorite toys and a sanctuary.  Whatever role the garage takes on in your life, it is quite easy to see that its potential goes far beyond being just a place to park the car and provide storage your Toyota parts online purchases.  The garage echoes its need to be used and provide useful solutions for the various needs of the adventurous garage owner.  Below is a guide that can be used to stock the garage with the relevant tools, ranging from the big gear to the smallest hand-held instruments that are sure to be the envy of the neighborhood: 

The Tool Collection

The best approach to collecting tools is to start small and see it as a journey and not a destination.  Hunting and acquiring tools is an on-going process.  The collection could include screwdrivers, sockets, ratchets, extensions, torx bits, hex keys and nut drivers.  Of course the tools you ultimately choose can include specialty items that can be used for tasks like engine building, if that is your passion.  Whatever is included in the collection, start with the basics, gradually adding items that suit your needs and your budget.  Go for quality items that have a guarantee because good tools can last for generations.

Sockets and Wrenches

These items occupy the position of heroes of the tool kit because they will be used for just about everything.   A combination of wrenches would be ideal and ensure that each one has a box and an open end on each side.  A metric wrench can turn just about every bolt on a modern car but imperial sizes can be used on the old lawnmower.


Your hands, regardless of how strong you are, will never be able to grip harder than pliers.  Go for a few of the basics like slip-joint, tongue-and-groove and the needle-nosed varieties.  You may be thoroughly surprised to realize just how handy needle-nosed pliers can be.  When it comes to vice grips or locking pliers, a well-equipped garage will have at least three.  

Power Tools

It is a myth that power tools are only used by lazy people.  These masterpieces significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to get the job done and they do things that cannot be done by the hands.  These tools have evolved into cordless powerhouses and the portability aspect greatly increases the convenience of using these tools.  Sticking to a single brand will make it possible to share the batteries among the different tools.   For the real serious grinding and drilling needs, the best approach is going for a dedicated air-tool setup.

For the dedicated and ambitious homeowner, the garage can become the ultimate project in home renovation.  Fill it with big items like tool chests, tool carts, floor jacks, suitable flooring and a beer fridge to create the ultimate in garage superiority.