Keep Your Car Safe From Theft

While it may be surprising to learn, truth has it that older vehicles are the ones that are being stolen most often. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, this is cars that were made prior to the year 2000. This is usually because these cars' OEM parts are rare so they are worth more to chop shops. If you're driving one of these vehicles, there are some things that you can do to help lessen the chances of having your car stolen.

Lock Your Doors

Criminals like easy targets, which is why they look for unlocked doors. So, make sure that you lock your doors and arm your car's security alarm whenever you leave it behind. While this may sound silly to do if you'll only be leaving for a moment or two but it only takes a few seconds to save yourself weeks of headaches from all of the paperwork that will be involved if and when your vehicle is stolen.

Park in a Garage or Other Safe Area

Don't leave your car on the street or in a driveway whenever you don't have to do so. Instead, you should always park inside of a locked garage. If you're parking in a parking lot, make sure that the area is well lit and regularly monitored by either security or security cameras. This isn't just safer for your vehicle but it's also safer for you as well. Light makes it easier for a car thief to be spotted and identified so they won't be as likely to mess with your vehicle.

Remember Your Keys

Never leave your keys in your ignition as this is like hanging a sign on your vehicle saying, "Steal me!" This is also true if you simply leave your car idling. Whenever possible you should actually be using a smart key, which is a unique computer chip that is unable to be duplicated or even altered in any way. In fact, this will be the only key that could ever even start your ignition.

Close Up Tight

Don't only close your windows but make sure to close your sunroof as well. By leaving them cracked just slightly you're encouraging someone to break into your car. If you're worried that your car will get too hot, then simply invest in some sun shades for on your windshield.

Don't Leave Valuables Behind

Never leave anything valuable in your car. Things like shopping bags, suitcases, laptop computer accessories, GPS devices and smartphones will only entice thieves. Put all of your valuables, as well as any packages you may have, into your trunk whenever you have to leave them in your vehicle.

Get Additional Security Features

Get extra security features like a car alarm, a steering wheel lock or a wheel lock. There are also car-disabling locks for your ignition, fuel and other systems available. Also, if you have a tracking system in your car and it's stolen, it will be easier for the police to locate and recover.


Just because you have an older car doesn't mean it won't be targeted by thieves. In fact, these older cars are more popular. So, make sure you do some things to protect your vehicle and yourself.