Signs of Needing a New Transmission

Signs of Needing a New Transmission

Owning a Toyota is an experience like none other. However, just as any other make and model can develop problems, drivers need a Toyota dealer parts resource. Purchasing parts from a dealer eliminates the hassles of being sold the wrong parts and paying too much for them.

Many drivers and mechanics prefer to deal with Boch Toyota South Parts when they need parts ranging from bumpers to transmissions. Though a bumper is easier to replace and far less expensive, transmissions for a Toyota are always reasonably priced at Boch. Unfortunately, many drivers find they can't have a rebuild done on their transmission and must replace the entire part.

Considering that a transmission is one of the main components of any vehicle, a properly working transmission is a must. When a transmission starts to go bad a driver will notice certain signs. If caught in time minor to major repairs may be made, otherwise a new transmission will be on the horizon.

Transmission Fluid Signs
Checking the transmission fluid in a vehicle is an important part of owner maintenance. If the fluid starts to have a burnt smell or turns dark in color, there is a problem. Transmission fluid is a light red to a bright pink in color. If it is a pale pink, water has gotten into the fluid from a leak in the transmission cooler located inside the radiator.

Water in a transmission will destroy it quickly, so be sure to get it checked out as soon as it is discovered. Transmission fluid that is dark with a burnt smell means that the clutches and bands are burning up inside the transmission. This is caused from overloading it, overheating it, as well as from wear and tear that comes from high mileage.

Shifting Issues
If a Toyota becomes hesitant to shift or slip into gears, or has absolutely no ability to shift into gear, the transmission is likely the problem. At this stage it is likely the transmission must be rebuilt, or replaced. Another sign of a malfunctioning transmission is an engine that revs or speeds up but the mph stays the same.

Harsh shifting or slipping motions are also signs of a faulty transmission. Overall these signs will start out subtly then turn into very obvious signs. When driving and pressing the accelerator without the vehicle increasing in speed, it is time to see a mechanic.
Sadly most repairs to a transmission or a replacement can be costly if it is not under warranty. This is why having a reputable and affordable Toyota parts dealer resource will really pay off when parts are needed. Boch Toyota South Parts offers only high quality affordable replacement parts. Toyota drivers have come to trust the Boch name and find the quality of parts equal to the stellar service received each and every time.

Boch will help you find the parts needed to get your Toyota up and running smoothly again. Boch welcomes all customers but also sends a reminder to keep a close eye on fluids and be sure to keep up with oil changes. Don't spend hours hunting down Toyota transmissions and other parts, give Boch one call to find them all.