Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Whether you have recently purchased Toyota dealer parts from Boch Toyota South Parts, or whether your car is in ideal condition, winter car maintenance can keep you and your car safe throughout the season. Although you must winterize your car before the season starts, you still need to maintain it on a regular basis. It can prevent many unnecessary problems, including costly repairs and accidents.

  1. One tip is to keep your car free from debris. When your car is parked outdoors, it can accumulate twigs and leaves in its air plenum, sunroof, and other areas. You should also check under the car's hood.
  1. Second, use tires that are appropriate for winter, and check the treads periodically. Replace worn tires so they do not cause an accident.
  1. Third, windshield wiper blades should be replaced once per year. The new style wipers with beam blades are especially useful during the wintertime.
  1. Fourth, check your battery on a regular basis. It is better to replace a battery than to find it is not working when you need to drive the car. As cold temperatures affect the lifespan of car batteries, it will last longer if you do not park outdoors.
  1. Fifth, tire pressure is important for safe driving in the winter. As tires lose pressure in colder weather, and under-inflated tires are dangerous to drive on, use a tire pressure gauge to be sure they are properly inflated.
  1. Sixth, wax your headlamps with car wax. Your headlights will be brighter, increasing your visibility. It can also prevent ice from building up on your headlights.

Winter car maintenance also includes keeping a survival kit in your car. Clean blankets, a first-aid kit, flashlights, and a supply of water and food are some of the essential items to keep in your car. However, you should not keep these items in the trunk of your car. If you have an accident, or cannot get out of your car for some other reason, you would not be able to reach your supplies. Keep your supplies inside the car instead.

Maintaining your car during the winter does not have to take much time or effort. The benefits of winter car maintenance will be well worth the time you put into it. You will be safer, more comfortable, and less likely to have an accident. You can have peace of mind when you are prepared for winter driving.